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Yamaha TSX-140 Desktop Audio System with iPod Dock

Beautiful to the eye and the ear, the new Yamaha TSX-140 Desktop Audio System brings together a comprehensive array of audio facilities within a single compact and elegant unit. It's simple, sophisticated and highly advanced. Play and charge your iPod or iPhone, listen to your CDs, set an alarm to wake to your favorite music, and more--all with Concert Quality Sound.

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Natural-Sounding, Concert Quality Performance

  • With its twin 3-1/8" speakers, bass-reflex port, and Yamaha’s own 15W + 15W digital amplifier, the TSX-140 delivers superlative sound and surprising volume. Yamaha calls it Concert Quality Sound, a concept closely associated with Yamaha’s dominance in the world of musical instruments. Noise and distortion are virtually absent and, despite its compact dimensions, the stereo audio field appears much larger thanks to Extended Stereo created by Yamaha DSP technology. Additionally, Yamaha’s proprietary Music Enhancer software adds depth and excitement to compressed program material. And at the touch of a button, the three front panel controls become a parametric equalizer, allowing you to trim the audio for your preference. The combination of high-rigidity design and the carefully calculated positioning of sound absorbing components in the TSX’s construction eliminates unwanted resonance and internal reflections to deliver warm, natural-sounding acoustic performance.

Easy to Use

  • TSX-140's functionality and ease of use are unparalleled. In addition to the illuminated buttons on the top panel, three front panel rotary controls give intuitive access to source, volume, radio preset, alarm and EQ functions. LED indicators, show exactly which function has been selected for simple, fast adjustment. A brightness sensor automatically adjusts all display LEDs to suit the ambient light level. What’s more, the TSX-140 features a USB mini-B connector that lets you sync your iPod/iPhone to your computer while charging in the built-in dock.
  • Yamaha's IntelliAlarm makes waking a pleasure, letting you set your alarm to be your favorite iPod/iPhone track or other audio source, with soft fade-in and early suppression of uncomfortable high frequencies before reaching full volume.

Comprehensive Connectivity: CDs, USB, FM Radio, and More

  • The TSX-140 delivers new levels of audio input performance in a compact and highly flexible unit. Its integrated CD player supports MP3 and WMA formats and the USB connector allows non-iPod MP3 players to be used. Because the iPod/iPhone dock is fully digital, audio remains in the digital domain from input, through TSX’s DSP stage, all the way to the digital amplifier. No signal degradation enters the audio chain so all you hear is Concert Quality Sound. The FM radio receiver supports five preset channels and there’s also an AUX input for external analog devices.

Down To Earth Design

  • Inspired by traditional clay vessels and pigments that come from the earth, and echoing ceramic art, the TSX-140 is available in three natural looking finishes: Black, Brick and Gray. These colors are chosen to blend into contemporary lives while making a subtle, yet firm assertion of style. Additionally, with screw fixings only on the base panel, the TSX-140 makes a clean and visually pleasing contribution to the home environment from all angles.

Technical Specifications

  • Alarm Functions: Alarm, Snooze, Sleep
  • Alarm Modes: Beep, Source, Source + Beep
  • Supported iPods: iPod classic, iPod nano (2G-6G), iPod touch
  • Supported iPhone: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
  • iTunes Sync: Supported via USB mini-B
  • CD Player: CD/CD-R/CD-RW
  • Digital Formats Supported: MP3, WMA
  • Inputs: USB, AUX (3.5mm)
  • Tuner: AM/FM
  • Tuner Presets: 5 AM and 5 FM
  • Maximum Power Output: 2 x 15W
  • Speakers: 2 x 3-1/8" full range drivers
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 15-3/4" x 7-1/8" x 5-3/8"
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs
  • iPod Ready: Yes


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